Cafe Racer

When we think of the Café Racer motorcycle, our hearts start to pound with passion. This light-weight, fine-tuned and lightning-fast beauty has carried us wide and far, to familiar and countless new places across the globe. To ride, we don’t only need a bike. We need a pair of sunglasses to match. This pair is inspired by Route 66, the historic 2,400 mile-long all-American highway connecting Illinois to California and evokes the ultimate feeling we humans strive to capture: freedom.




For lovers of the Cafe Racer look. Brown and beige tints and tones paired with the subtle snakeskin pattern give this model a vintage feel. The snakeskin pattern and golden tacks give this model a classic vintage feel. Pull up at a roadside gas station, motel or cafe near you and imagine how riding along the entire Route 66 must have been like before its decommissioning in 1985.


The Cafe Racer is made of resistant polycarbonate and finished off with a Soft Rubber Touch for the highest wearing comfort, and designed to last a lifetime on the road towards freedom.

Argentina GP

In the Province of Santiago del Estero at a 6 km distance from the city, we find the Termas de Rio Hondo Circuit covering an area of 150 hectares. It was first put to use in 2008 and completely reconditioned in 2012.