Skull Rider

These sunglasses are a homage to the empty roads and vast lands of the outback in “the land Down Under”. A frontal view shows the Blue Ensign and six stars representing the six states of Australia, all taken from the country’s national flag. The golden lenses refer to one of the colors of the golden wattle, Australia’s national flower. Add to that the kangaroo pattern repeated on the inside of the sunglasses, and you’ll be bursting with Australian pride.




A hybrid of Australia’s national colors and the national flag. Add a sporty touch to your outfit. Moreover, show that you’re a true lover of MotoGP by adding this pair of sunglasses to your collection. 


This model is made of resistant polycarbonate and finished off with a Soft Rubber Touch for the highest wearing comfort, designed to keep you close to the world of MotoGP.

Australian GP

Phillip Island, the self-styled home of Australian motorsport, is steeped in motor racing tradition, with the

Phillip Island has a long-standing history with racing. Back in 1928, the first Australian GP took place here. This event became a yearly recurring spectacle until Phillip Island started hosting the race on a rectangular public road circuit. It eventually took another 21 years before the present-day Phillip Island Race Circuit was built in 1956. It now is home to the world’s most important motorsport events, such as the MotoGP and the Superbike World Championship.

first car races having been held there on public roads in the 1920s.

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