Anna Vives

Anna Vives broke all stereotypes and went beyond the perception of what people with Down Syndrome are thought to be capable of. She’s a star in her local art scene who further rose to fame when she got invited to create a unique design for Skull Rider. This design is bursting with personality and color, and unifies Jorge Lorenzo, fashion, charity and MotoGP, all in one.



Jorge liked the design so much that he decided to wear these 'Skull Rider-Anna Vives' sunglasses throughout the weekend at the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya. In addition, the full proceeds from the sale of this model will be destined to the Itinerarium Foundation for the creation of an inclusive circuit for sports in Palma de Mallorca, the rider’s hometown.

Jorge Lorenzo

Jorge Lorenzo shows his unconditional support to people with Down Syndrome and other special needs. Thanks to Skull Rider and Anna Vives’ ideas an inclusive sports circuit will be created, so that people with special needs can practice sport just like any other person.

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